WIP Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and I am checking in with my work’s in progress.  As much as I love each of them, I am not gonna lie, I am ready to be done with them.  The socks are new, but the other 3 have been on my needles for quite some time.

Kate’s Poncho by Nice and Knit (using their DK yarn in the colourway Autumn) is absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect for this time of year.  I have been knitting away, row by row, and loving it.  It helps that I have a bar of Tuft Woolen’s wool soap in the bag and it smells heavenly every time I work on it.  I am almost done with the second of three balls.  Must. Keep. Going.

Gradient Cowl by Purl Soho (using their Grapefruit Kit for the pattern) is probably my oldest WIP and was just pulled out again this summer.  I’ve made a lot of progress on it, but it is very long and monotonous (hello, seed stitch).  I am very anxious for this one to be in my wardrobe so I am plugging away the best I can.  Once this is done, I will be casting on the Purl Soho Half and Half Triangle (also a Purl Soho pattern).  

Felix Pullover by Amy Christoffers was going to be my Rhinebeck Sweater this year.  I think it will be the perfect fit for me, and the styling has my name all over it.  I found some lovely Jo Sharpe yarn in my stash, and just had to buy a couple more balls to make the sweater.  I am about to split for the sleeves and know it will be super quick once I get there, but for some reason it is dragging a little bit.  

My Vanilla Socks were a fun, new cast on that my brain really needed.  They are in a very Fall inspired colour from Legacy Fiber Artz (Cozy Toes base in Woodlands Shenanigans).  I am already at the heel flap since I want these to be slightly shorter than my usual socks and worn with ankle boots.  

I am pushing my way through all of these projects, mostly aided by big cups of coffee and the motivation to have them in my closet soon.  I am reminding myself that I will probably have them all done at relatively the same time.  Wish me luck!


  1. Keep knitting, Sandy! Your WIPs are BEAUTIFUL!!! You inspired me to cast on another project. 😄

  2. Thanks! I’m trying but this time of year it is so difficult too resist all of the new patterns and projects.

  3. It’s so hard to keep going on long term projects, but when they are finally done it’s such a good feeling to know you powered through! I need to go through my old WIPs because there are quite a few I know I won’t finish because my tastes and style have changed. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects!


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