Willowtree Farm

 It is almost Thanksgiving in Canada (October 12th) and I wasn’t really prepared for it to be so early this year.  I started wondering what I would make since our extended family can’t celebrate together this year when an AD popped up on my Instagram feed to preorder turkeys from Willowtree Farm.  I had never heard of them before and got very excited!

The farm is only about 25 minutes from me so I ordered my double turkey breast and made my way there in search of some other goodies.

Is it any wonder Fall is so beloved?  I picked up fresh flowers, caramel popcorn, maple fudge, fresh vegetables and apples.  I also found some yummy baked goods to add to our Thanksgiving feast on Sunday.  My arms were overflowing!

It has been such a crazy year, in so many regards, and I am feeling very thankful for our health and our family more than ever.  Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian friends!


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