Sewing Studio & Craft Room Tour

I recently filmed an updated sewing studio and craft room tour.  This space has been many things over the years and needed a few updates to flow better.  It is where I do my designing, cutting, sample making, sewing, pressing, packaging and shipping.  I also use it to store all of my knitting projects and fabrics for quilting and personal sewing.  

The 2 machines that I use are a Bernina B350 Patchwork Edition and a Judi DDL 8700

I have been using the room for a few weeks since the updates and I can definitely see an improvement in my productivity.  It is easier to keep neat and the boys come in to use the large tables often which I love.  It was a complete success!


  1. I was wondering what steam iron you use. My is really old and flaky about generating steam.

    I'm really enjoying watching last year's vlogmas videos. They're so peaceful and relaxing! Thanks!



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