Friday Afternoon in the Studio

 What a week!  We are officially 2 weeks into the new school year and it is a lot to get used to.  Everything is so different (my high schoolers are doing a hybrid option where they go into school 2 half days a week and the rest of their learning is on line).  This week has required so many adjustments in our schedule, wellness practices and attitudes.

I haven’t been able to work in my studio as much as I’d like, but I have spent a few evenings cutting triangles for some flying geese bags.  It has been very monotonous and therapeutic.  Today the sun is shining and I am starting to assemble the flying geese for some project bags.  And although I am exhausted and ready to call it quits for the week, moving my hands and assembling these little pieces is bringing me a great sense of calm.

There are also some beautiful new fabrics just waiting to be cut into.  One of my favourites parts of my job is sourcing prints for project bags and choosing zipper colours.  Having this gorgeous pile sitting in plain view makes me very happy.

Even though it has been a very hectic week, I have managed to knit a few rows on some of my wip’s.  Kate’s Poncho by Nice & Knit is the one I have been reaching for often.  I brought it into my sewing studio for any mental breaks I need.  It is such a great pattern to pick up and put down as needed as it is so easy to follow the pattern.  I am about halfway through and am really enjoying it.

The weekend is just about here and I am ready for it.  In the meantime, I feel very lucky to have this studio space to unwind and reconnect with my creative self.  


  1. Hi Sandy! I wanted to mention this: I really miss the section of your website that contained your Instagram posts. If I remember correctly, it was at the bottom of your website's home page. It was so convenient to scroll down and view your most recent 4 or 5 posts without my having to log into mine to view them. (Perhaps a bit lazy on my behalf!) Thank you for all the work and time you already put into your social media sites, I really enjoy following you! I will be looking forward to your next shop update too!!! Happy Fall ya'll!! :-)

    1. Hi Ann, Thanks so much! Unfortunately, instagram removed the option to have posts on my website. I loved that option and miss it.

  2. Hi Sandy, I love your podcast always more.
    You are a fantastic host and a very nice person.
    It makes me feel happy to see that other people switch from hobby to hobby as I do.
    I thought something was wrong with me!
    I am really interested in the”cleaning” podcast you are following.
    I usually switch from intense reading , to creative time , whee I make greeting cards, cook more and knit, to make up obsession, to cleaning!
    Now, maybe because of Covid, I feel in the cleaning “mode” so I can always use good tips and hacks that can help me speed up the process.

    Thanks also for all the cooking book info... I usually check them in the public library, and if I like them I buy them on eBay.
    Often time I can find the books I like for a little bit less
    Thank you again

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying them and am glad you can find the cookbooks at the library. That’s wonderful!

  3. Hi Sandy! Thank you for the windows into your world. “We” spend time together when I need a dose of calm. I appreciate you.

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate you being here.


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